We offer a host of maintenance services ranging from Cyclical Preventative Maintenance, Preventative and Breakdown Maintenance and Minor Maintenance through to comprehensive Management Maintenance.

Partnering with us as your maintenance specialist means that you can rest assured, our dedicated and experienced team will work around the clock to keep your air-conditioning and refrigeration infrastructure running optimally.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

We know that commercial refrigeration applications need to have as close to zero downtime as possible. Preventing damage to temperature sensitive inventory such as food, medical supplies and chemicals saves you money.

By utilising cutting edge maintenance techniques, our commercial refrigeration equipment expertise ensures your up time, while decreasing headaches and maximising business operation.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Have you been let down by poorly maintained commercial refrigeration equipment?

We specialise in keeping refrigeration equipment in tip-top condition for as close to the magic 99.999% uptime standard as possible. Our team of passionate, dedicated refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians ensure that your maintenance requirements are handled with professionalism and dedication.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

If you are in the market for superbly crafted, industry-leading commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning services, BJ Cooling should be on your short list.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design, source and deploy refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions in line with your business processes and your project management timelines.