Company Overview

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BJ Cooling & Heating (Pty) Ltd specialise in a wide range of products such as:

Sales & Installations

  We design, supply and install tailored air-conditioning and/or refrigeration systems that suit both your business and your budget.

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Choose us as your long-term maintenance partner and you get:

  Less hassle – we send a team to do routine checks and maintenance, like cleaning your filters.
  Fair cost – you pay the low fee stipulated in our SLA rather than the once-off call out fee. You can also expect discount of parts.
  Lower utility bills – we ensure that your equipment is serviced regularly and that all parts that experience wear and tear are replaced.
  Higher efficiency and sustainability – our innovative products and expertise service enable us to furnish you with the most environmentally friendly solutions.
  Priority Service – No more waiting! As one of one long-term clients, you can rest assured that we will send a support team out the moment that you log a problem, 24/7.

Heat Pumps

  We sell quality heat pumps that conserve a great deal of energy by working with your geyser or air-conditioning unit to produce the desired ambience.